VIBE Machine

Vibrational Integrated Biophotonic Energizer (**OLD SPARK GAP Technology)


The VIBE is basically a copycat from Jim Girard’s original BELS Biocharger machine, but a good copy, though lacking in quality in a few respects (see reviews).

Gene Koonce, the inventor, to his credit, has done a great service to the BELS multiwave oscillators with his great marketing and sales skills. Because of Gene, these devices are a very well known in energy medicine circles.

But we want to set the record straight on how this technology REALLY came about.


The REAL Truth about how the VIBE Machine was created – BELS Biocharger Copycat


The Mark Tuinei’s Story

The original BELS machine found its way into the hands of the Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Mark Tuinei.

This BELS device helped Tuinei to recover from a knee surgery and found publicity in the local Dallas newspapers.

Ralph Suddath, who knew Tuinei’s chiropractor, discovered the BELS device and presented it to Gene Koonce who understood electronics and essentially reversed engineered the BELS unit and called it the VIBE machine. The Novalite 3000, sold by Ralph Suddath is essentially the same reversed engineered copycat of the original BELS.


Proof that Gene Koonce Copied the Original Bels Biocharger (Summary of Document)

Gene Koonce was introduced to the BELS machine by Ralph Suddath.   A chiropractor in Texas brought the BELS to Ralph, because the bulbs needed to be replaced, and she needed Ralph’s assistance in doing so. . Ralph brought the BELS to Gene to assist copying the BELS. Gene and Ralph built a few units based on the BELS. Gene began manufacturing the BELS device and called it the VIBE machine. Gene sued Ralph for infringing on his patent. During depositions Gene admitted to copying the BELS.

Proof Below Where Gene Admitted to Copying the BELS Biocharger.

Note on Page 2 (Image Below), Item 5 Gene Koonce Admits in a Court of Law:

In 2002 I received a machine, known as a BELS machine, from Mr. Ralph Suddath and was asked by Mr. Suddath to reverse engineer the machine and return it to Mr. Suddath.