Devices No Longer in Production Novalite, Teslastar and Evenstar

Novalite 3000 – (**UPDATE) No Longer in Production (**OLD SPARK GAP Technology)


Developed and copied by Ralph Suddath who has fled the country and is not reachable. So effectively the Novalite is no longer in production by a credible source.

Like the VIBE and Quantum Pulse, it is reverse enigineered from the original Biocharger.

Description by Manufacturer:

The Novalite 3000 Tesla Photon Machine is one of the Tesla coil class of therapy devices which creates pulsed electromagnetic fields that deliver broadband, wide-spectrum, non-thermal photons and electrons deep into biological tissue. In his book, Bioelectromagnetic Healing, Tom Valone writes, “With the short term, non-contacting exposures of several minutes at a time, such Tesla high voltage pulsed electromagnetic field devices may represent the ideal, non-invasive therapy of the future, accompanied by surprising lack of harmful side effects.”
What does “raising cells’ vibrations” mean biologically and scientifically? According to Mr. Valone, after his review of the scientific literature, devices like the Novalite 3000 Tesla Photon Machine:

Induce a flood of negatively charged electrons that penetrate the clothing and skin, terminating free radicals.
Penetrate the body easily, inducing microamperes of intercellular current, which may stimulate some degree of intracellular electroporation.

Increase ATP production levels in the cells due to the abundance of energetic electrons.
Feed the healthful respiration portion of the Krebs cycle, rather than the cancerous fermentation portion.
Optimize the Na-K pump in the cells’ membranes; Increase the transmembrane potential (TMP) of the cells which boosts the immune system; andRecharge the b iophoton energy vital for DNA-cellular activation in the body.

The Novalite has 12 noble and inert gas tubes that are precisely positioned in a concentric ring to create a strong electromagnetic field around the machine. The gas tubes have been selected to develop specific results within the bio-photonic spectrum. Some of the tubes contain argon, krypton, and water vapor. Activated by a low power laser, it produces all the frequencies needed to resonate a higher pitch within your body. This electromagnetic field is unique; it raises the vibrational levels of your body to the highest of oscillations, where they were originally designed to be.

These benefits equally apply to the Biocharger and VIBE / Quantum Pulse.


780463No longer in production. Exactly the same as the Novalite, only with a different carousel.






Evenstar Technologies

9090718No longer in production. Similar to the SEAD Devices.