The Only BELS Multiwave Oscillator with a Noticeable Corona


The BioCharger is the ONLY newer multiwave oscillator device that has a strong and noticeable corona (BELS BioCharger pictured to the left).

A Corona discharge results from the ionization of air as a result of a voltage or energy that is high enough to convert the surround fluid (in this case air), into a plasma state.

See the high voltage study here >>>

With the solid state design and software controllable power levels, the BioCharger NG can ALSO go down to very LOW intensities with no corona (like the VIBE, SEAD and TESLA ENERGY LIGHTS) if a relaxing field is desired.

This makes the BioCharger NG the most versatile, powerful, and effective of all the devices available on the market today.



High Voltage Study


The National Technology Transfer Center at Wheeling Jesuit University supported by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization conducted a study which became the basis for patent number 6043066. The patent involves using voltage to selectively inactivate cells without affecting other cells. Specifically, the electroporation threshold should allow essentially complete inactivation of breast cancer cells with preservation of the viability of the cells crucial for autologous transplantation (stem cells).

A two million volt external applied field will impart only 1 volt thru the cell membrane into the cell in a healthy cell. Depending on the uniformity of the cell, the thickness of the cell membrane, and the dielectric strength of the membrane. Healthy cells have more uniformity, and the dielectric strength of the membrane is greater than in cancer cells. This allows for much greater voltage in healthy cells versus unhealthy cells. Uniform healthy cells may withstand up to 2 million volt externally applied to the cell, whereas cancer cells may allow only 200,000 volt externally applied before the cancer cell becomes inactivated.

It was also contemplated that the electric field could be induced in the cells via induction. All of the work in the patent uses electrodes to generate the electric field.
Only one machine on our reviews will allow the user to adjust the output voltage from 100,000 volts to 750,000 volt. Other units produce no corona discharge which means low voltage, around 100,000 volts. Since the client is standing at a distance away from the device, it is unlikely that the induced voltage with be enough to porate the cancer cells.

The TRUTH is higher voltage is more HEALING.pdfhighvoltagestudy1.pdf
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