Tesla Energy Lights – Same As SEAD w/ a few new add-ons (**OLD SPARK GAP Technology)


Essentially the same as the SEAD 6000 and 12,000.

Description from Manufacturer:
Tesla Light System – Tesla Energy Lights™ is a personal energy management system designed to donate electrons, recharge and permeate one’s subtle energy bodies with compatible high frequency subtle energy.

Although this life force known as subtle energy is an unseen commodity like the air we breathe, it is as necessary to be alive in all people, animals and plants. The Lights™ are specially formulated to deliver a full spectrum of harmonic ions emanating from exclusive proprietary noble gas crystal tubes. Exposure to these frequencies sitting or lying empowers the user to manage their thoughts, feelings and belief system subtle energies by directing them with one’s own will and intentions. These energies can be measured objectively on the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) camera that reveals each and every person may observe many energy shifts as a result.

Nikola Tesla inventor of AC and wireless subtle energy transmission technology, contributed in the early 1900’s with his invention of the Tesla Coil. Since 1994, the producers of the Tesla Energy Lights™ have been refining this original pulse technology quantum system designed to produce in excess of 200% more available frequencies via “heterodyning”.

Heterodyning is possible by employing the yin and yang principle harmonizing in our exclusive uni-polar dual bias system incorporating 2 opposite wave forms. Using a single polarity unit only would amount to about 1/3 the potential otherwise. Utilizing 2 complementary units in synergy is very efficient while expanding.  The exclusive proprietary magnetic crystals augment the effect during the Tesla Energy Lights™ session, as well as AFTER the session.

The REAL Truth Behind Tesla Energy Lights


SEAD and Tesla Energy Lights offer an adjustable spark gap to allow for users to increase output. They are unable to increase the output too much, because it will burn out the transformer, as stated by a distributor. The reason for this is that the Tesla coil inside of the box is too small and too close to the transformer. When the spark gap is opened too much, the output from the Tesla coil will arc to the transformer and cause it to burn out. They have an adjustable spark gap, but it is not recommended to use it. They state on their websites that the adjustable spark gap is patent pending. If you refer to the two patents by James Girard, you will see the adjustable spark gap was patented by him in the 1990’s.

Some research was conducted using a spectrum analyzer to compare the output of the DC based unit versus the AC unit/circuit which revealed virtually no difference between the spectrums of frequencies each produced. The only difference was that the polarity of the magnetic field around the primary coil changed in AC. The magnetic field of the primary will not influence any living systems, because it is inside of the base and the field is very small. Any living system would need to be touching the base of the SEAD or Tesla Energy Lights to be affected.

On a separate note: true benefit has been realized by designing the BioCharger NG with (2) DC power supplies, which eliminates the 60Hz carrier signal and allows for cleaner and clearer tones, produced by the corona discharge from the Arc Rod.

Proof that the SEAD and Tesla Energy Lights are Knockoffs of the BELS BioCharger™

Although Tesla Energy Lights claim in their literature that the BELS mentioned in their website is a device they invented, their agreement states otherwise.

Under Sead or Tesla energy lights, it refers to patent listing James Girard as inventor filed June 19, 1997. Highlighted sections refer to an adjustable spark gap and DC systems which use rectified voltage from transformer, and a description of an adjustable spark gap that Tesla Energy Lights and SEAD claim is patent pending. This patent acknowledges James Girard as inventor of DC BELS with light emitting system with adjustable spark gap, and does not use a flat spiral pancake coil as defined in agreement with Mark, Ken and Kent. Ken, Kent, and Mark were not listed as inventors, because the patent did not incorporate a flat spiral pancake coil as defined in their agreement.

The REAL History of the BELS Multiwave Oscillators

Jim began researching Tesla coils and Multiwave Oscillators (MWOs) in 1988 in Ohio. He built a variety of coils of different sizes and shapes, including a Bipolar Tesla coil where he attached a Multiwave antenna to each end of the coil. Some of these systems produced corona discharges in excess of 10 ft. He also experimented with a variety of plasma gases, including neon and argon bulbs purchased from a neon sign shop. Jim also experimented extensively with AC current and DC current on the primary coil, which led him to explore the use of spectrum tubes containing various noble and inert gases to form a visible light component as he investigated the benefits of a wider range of pulsed frequencies.